Frequently Asked Floral Questions

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See some of the commonly asked questions & answers to those questions from Bliss Florist. Bliss is your premier wedding & event florist Fort Collins, Co.

When should I book my consult?

Around 10 months before the wedding

How long will my consult take?

Around 1 hour

What should I bring to my consultation?

Inspiration! Share your Pinterest wedding board with your consultant, bring in clips from magazines, color swatches, photos of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses if available, and if you have an idea of your design let your consultant know, ex. romantic, rustic, woodland fairy tail, country, classic, modern, glamorous, shabby chic, etc.

When can I expect to see the list of my wedding flowers and their prices (bid)? 

Within a week after the consultation

What is your service area?

We will travel as far as our clients need us to. Bliss is here to serve you, our brides & event planners. Wherever your wedding is, there will be Bliss!

What flowers are in season for the month I am getting married?

Please take a moment to review Bliss’ Flower Encyclopedia. It has wonderful flower seasonality information. You can find it here.

What if I have a tight budget?

Your wedding consultant will work within your budget, and offer ideas to avoid going over budget that still coexist with your color scheme and design,  for example re-purposing flowers from the ceremony into reception, offering less expensive flowers that look similar to the bride’s first choice of flowers (Garden Roses instead of Peonies), or using expensive flowers sparingly, and recommending flowers that are in season to avoid paying high prices for out of season flowers.

Can I see your previous work?

We have a plethora of photos on our website from previous weddings, professional photos, & photo shoots. See our Bridal Bouquet Portfolio, Wedding Design Portfolio or Event Design Portfolio.

Will you coordinate with my other vendors, ex. venue, cake decorator?  

Yes, Bliss will happily coordinate with other vendors if your event delivery & set-up call for it!

Do you provide specific packages?

No we do not. We build each proposal custom to each bride & event.

Do you provide decor rentals, and at what cost?

Yes! Bliss carries an expansive event rental inventory that includes Lanterns, Vases, Arches, Votives, Chandeliers & much more! Please ask your Bliss consultant for pricing & availability.

What are your delivery, setup, transfer & strike fees?

Delivery, setup, transfer & strike fees are determined based on the complexity of each situation. Your proposal will detail these fees based on your specific needs.

When is my payment due?

Once you select Bliss as your event florist, we will ask you to sign a contract & submit a 30% deposit. The remainder of your payment is due three weeks prior to your event. Payments can be made in cash, check or credit card.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

The deposit made when you sign your contract is not refundable. This is due to the time investment in the planning of your event made by Bliss that begins as soon as your contract is signed. Your event can be cancelled & all payments (other than your deposit) returned up until the point when your flowers & material orders are placed. These orders are placed three weeks prior to your event. No refunds possible within three weeks of your event.

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